Essential Rose

Essential Rose

It always feels so good to get pretty flowers, man or woman, but the unfortunate side of buying beautiful flowers for someone is that they die. If you get flowers that can be planted, then the person receiving them has to take care of them and some people don't have time for that. Now you no longer need to deprive yourself of a flowers beauty, you can have one that stays beautiful forever. These flowers come in an array of colors and are never the same. They will always be the same beautiful design, but the colors will always be different.PLUS they double as an essential oil diffuser! Add a few drops to the rose and enjoy the amazing smell. Get the color changing filament option and as you hold them watch the color of your rose change from purple to pink! Original print comes from the artist is Melfafa58.

    All 3D printed figurines are made with the material called PLA. It is an earth friendly biodegradable type of plastic that is manufactured out of plant-based resources such as corn starch or sugar cane (no they don't taste sweet, haha!).


    If there are any problems with your order, or an item is broken upon arival please email us at


    Shipping is $5 per order within the continental US. Usually 5-6 pieces can fit in the box. Ordering more and another box is needed it will be another $5 for the additional box.

    International orders are depending on the location. Please contact us before placing your order so we can determine a shipping cost.

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