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Toilet Paper Wars

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Oh my goodness! You've seen the crazy people stock piling everything with the Corona Virus Pandemic. Some are mad because they cannot get their essentials, some are laughing because it's a bit over kill, and some are bonding together to make sure their neighbors are taken care of. People as a collective species are a strange bunch, but if we all stick together, give more than we receive and listen to the instructions of stay home, we will weather this time with ease. If you are having trouble getting your essentials, or would just rather stay home and have your essentials delivered, check out Amazon. Have you ever had your groceries delivered? I have once, and with the task of taking 4 kids to the store it was such a relief to have them brought to me because I just didn't want to pack everyone in the car, then all over the store and then back home. So give Amazon a try and have your essentials delivered right to your door. Or your local grocery store, so many of them have added this feature to better serve you in these crazy times.

Update November 25, 2020

Can you believe we have made it through this year! A few months of uncertainty followed by days being stuck to our phones just trying to find out what is really going on, at least in the USA with the presidential election! Wow! What a time 2020 has been! I have grown a lot and I hope you have too! If not, make sure you strive for doing great things in 2021. There is nothing better than getting outside, connecting with your loved ones, accepting people for who they are and just living life! Don't feel like you are trapped! Get out and explore this world. Our time on this rock is short and not guaranteed to us, so make the most of every day you have.

Now! To explain the title and the picture with this blog post. As you know, I make 3D printed figurines and this is one that I found recently on Thingiverse. That is a website you can download 3d printing files and print other peoples creations! Due to this crazy pandemic, a toilet paper trophy (because I don't have a better name for it) was made and I wanted to share it with everyone. It is so funny and prints so clean! ... no pun intended ... or was it?! haha!! In order to get one, you'll have to head over to the shop. This is a limited addition piece, so once they are gone, they are gone (unless I have an overwhelming request for them). They are FREE with the purchase of 4 Warrior pieces; I created a specific shop item for them, so just add the 1 item to your cart and you get all 5 pieces.

Remember in these times of need:

  • Help your neighbors

  • Give more than you receive

  • Be kind and respectful

  • Shop small business

Another update! These are no longer available as a special and I did take down that specific shop item, but if you love the Toilet Paper trophy then please feel free to send me a message to get one for yourself!

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