• Ashleigh Graves

Changes For The Future

Hey there friends!

If this is your first time seeing my site and store then I welcome you with open arms and a big hug! If you have been here before then you need a hug as well and you will also look around and see many changes that I have made to make things better.

These are great examples of the major change that has taken place. I have increased the size of my figurines so they are stronger and less likely to break if they fall on the ground. This also helps me out greatly because in the clean up stage they are less likely to break in my hands!

I have also taken some of designs out of the shop because they are just too dificult to work with. Either they do not print right (they take a few prints before I can get an actual figurine) or when I am cleaning them up they break in my hands. This may not make sense to you, the reader, but to me this is very frustrating. These little figurines take hours to design, hours to print and maybe 30 minutes to clean up. To have them fail in printing or fall apart in my hands after all this time is very defeating. So instead of having them as an option, I took them out completely.

I have also taken down some figurines that never get picked for me to print. This will give me more room to design new figurines and bring you new items I make. I am a very crafty person and using 3D printing to aid in making different neat things has been very fun! I am really excited to start adding new items that combine 3D printing and other crafts.

Thank you for reading and if you find something amazing that you want printed feel free to reach out and have me make that dream a reality!

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