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All Around Update!

Hey there friends! Thank you so much for stopping in and checking out my blog posts! After a year of building this hobby into a passion I never knew, I'm shifting to more reasonable and necessary changes.

Yoga Models, Yoga Figurines, Suncatchers, Mala, Bracelet, Bead, 3d printing, Creality Ender 3 Pro

I worked on getting myself known through yoga challenges on Instagram (@dreamweavertech) by sponsoring so many amazing men and women in their passion for yoga. As much as I would love to keep sending out my figurines for FREE I needed to work on driving traffic here! So the new way I am sponsoring is through a gift code that winners receive via direct message. You are able to pick any figurine from the site and I'll send something extra! You do have to cover shipping, but that is something small to help this small business owner.

Another note: The website is going through some changes! I'm changing some writing to show that I am the sole owner/designer/supplier of my brand, instead of looking like a big business with lots of people around me. I would rather be transparent with you, than get behind in the massive amount of things I want to complete. I'm working on making things more organized and efficient. I am also figuring out how to create a smashing email list/newsletter. On top of that, I am still creating/redesigning certain figurines because now I know how to work the software better and they need to be fixed! You will see A LOT of things in the shop that are out of stock and this is due to either redesign or out of a particular filament

On a final note, not only am I fixing and changing so many things here, but also my shop on Facebook and Instagram (yay! more technology fun!). Along with these changes I am writing a book that will be available for purchase in January or February (I'll have a better idea of release date after it gets back from editing). Thank you for baring with me in these times of change and growth! You must evolve and keep your goals in mind to progress in your dreams!

-- Ashleigh Graves

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