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Since February 2020 we have been learning and making our unique 3D Printed yoga figurines. Each piece gets its own special amount of time in the design phase, build phase, print and clean up phase.  We take pride in what we make and just want to share our passion with you! We also love the idea of someone else jumping on the 3D Printing bandwagon and making anything that brings them joy, happiness or just an escape from a hard life situation.

Follow our Amazon links in our blog posts to get yourself started in 3D Printing! Make sure you follow our Social Media accounts to see the latest news on special pieces, giveaways or videos of these amazing machines in action!


Through the darkness you find the light that guides you.

Vibrate so high that the toxic people in your life fall back, because they no longer know how to approach you.

If you only do what you can do, you will never be better than you are now.


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